Navratri 2017 Kareena Kapoor Khan teaches how to nail the orange colour on Day 4 of the festival

The weekend is finally here and we were desperately waiting for it. Finally, it’s that time of the year when we’ll dance till we drop. Right from Udi Udi Jaaye from Raees to Shubharambh from Kai Po Che, the playlist is ready for us to shake our legs and prove we are hardcore Gujaratis by heart. Navratri – the festival of music, enchanting costumes and statement jewellery will always be our favourite and we bet you guys will agree with us on this. It was Kangana Ranaut who aced the ‘grey’ game on Day 3 of the festival and today we have Bollywood’s first fashionista, display her affection for the colour orange on Day 4. There have been umpteen number of times when Bebo has mesmerised us with her style shenanigans and she continues to do it even today. With a charm as fascinating as hers, Kareena is the ruling Queen of our hearts whom we don’t mind worshipping. So, on Day 4 of Navratri, let her take the charge of teaching you how to rock the different hues of this colour. Also Read: 

Orange, as a colour, depicts joy and creativity. The person who shares this likeness for this colour is extremely warm, determined, successful, free and happy by nature. And don’t you think that these qualities suit Kareena Kapoor Khan aptly? She’s an immensely determined person, extremely successful today and well, ‘She’s her own favourite.’ The colour itself is so vibrant and refreshing that the person associated with it has to match these qualities. Kareena’s personality is very endearing and she literally enthralls onlookers. Is this the reason why Bebo prefers orange for her outfits in many photoshoots and events? Knowingly or unknowingly, she ends up picking different tints and tones of the colour, which even goes with her fair complexion. Kareena is a style maverick and she creates a fashion storm wherever she goes. Pick any of her outfits from the list below for they all are equally stunning and must-have for your next sojourn. Also Read: 

Orange never looked so hot 

Kareena Kapoor Khan definitely has a thing for orange!

Hello, Hotness!

And she includes orange in colour blocking trend 

Being a Bebo follower, we have bookmarked her entire wardrobe as a must-have. With typical silhouettes but a wide range of colour palette, Kareena has always been a stunner. She should thank the Almighty for blessing her with a personality that can carry anything and everything. Kareena has the ability to pull off the trickiest of ensembles with an effortless ease and nail the vibe with her charm, wit and an infectious laughter.

Tomorrow, on Day 5 of the festival, we have a bubbly actress whose off-screen vibe is as infectious as her on screen one. She’s the next Kareena Kapoor Khan on the block and definitely a go-getter. Guess the answer or wait for us to reveal it .

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